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Resetting may need for many cellphone related problem.If you face some difficulty with your  Nokia N97  such it is very slow or it is hanging or showing any unexpected behavior. To solve about installed application such installed application does not work for unsupported application version and after trying uninstall, you may have to reset it. It is advisable to execute a soft reset first and if soft reset could not solve your problem then you need to hard reset. Many cell phone company gives users the opportunity to hard reset their mobile by many ways and many mobile users say hard reset as many names which described below.

Soft resetting:
Soft resetting can restore Nokia N97  user setting and it will not remove data like image, sound,
Video etc from your mobile.
Press *#7780# on the screen and after few seconds soft reset will start.

Hard resetting:

This option restores the original operating system from the rom. Formats the c: partition and deletes all data like picture, sound, video including any installed application.
Press  *#7370#  on the screen and after a few seconds you may put the security code and resetting process will begin.
You can also execute a total reset by pressing and holding down following keys:
* + 3 + green button (call) immediately after turning the mobile on.

* Please do not reset your  Nokia N97  without any unrecoverable difficulty.
**  Hard reset will erase all user data from your  Nokia N97 . 
So keep in mind to back up your important data before hard reset.
***  Please fully charge your Nokia N97  battery or plug into the charger before resetting your  Nokia N97   because any power failure may ruin your  Nokia N97  permanently.
**** Sometimes reset can damage your  Nokia N97 .

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