Reset Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720  is a new windows 8 phone from Nokia. Here is an easy way to restore Nokia Lumia 720. After installing any unsupported application or older or any risky application you may face some difficulty with Nokia 720 Lumia 720. Available times problem will continue after successfully uninstalled the application and sometime the application cannot be uninstalled. You can face difficulty like Nokia Lumia 720 hang or slow speed after install or playing any media file like audio, image or video. You may also face problems for attack by viruses.

When To Reset Nokia Lumia 720: 

When you face any of a following problem, you need to hard reset Nokia Lumia 720.

1. Operating system too slow.
2. Nokia Lumia 720 restart problem.
3. Switch off problem.
4. Power not on.
5. Touch screen working abnormally.
6. Video hangs and restart.
7. The internet doesn't connect.

All of the above problem may solve by a single procedure which is called hard reset. Microsoft is a leader of operating system builder and windows mobile OS 8 is a latest mobile OS from Microsoft corporation. Microsoft made easy to resetting windows 8.

Procedure to factory reset Nokia Lumia 72o

Microsoft offers some easy and simple step to execute the process of hard format.

* Slide left or Tap Arrow key on  Windows 8 start screen Button.


* Now choose 'Setting' option
* Now choose 'About' option

* Now go to button on the screen and  tap to 'reset your phone.

* Now you need to ensure to erase all personal data from your Nokia Lumia 720 windows 8 phone. Just tap yes and the phone will restart with its factory resetting.


Anonymous said...

Stop Nokia Lumia Music Player
Watch solution at forllowing youtube video:

Aman Rajput said...

There is not reset key now there are update demo content..
please i want to reset my lumia 720 and my phone vol up button is not working..
is there any other way to reset it so please help me..

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