How to factory reset iPhone 3g

If you decided to sell your old iPhone 3g or present it to anyone, so you may clean your all personal data as well as setting. Sometimes you may face various types of an operating problem with iPhone 3g like iPhone 3g freeze, touch screen not responding, operating system became very slow, application not close, application unexpectedly close or doesn't run and all of the reasons can make you decide to factory reset iPhone 3g. Reset iPhone 3g to factory settings will erase all user data and application which you have stored in the phone memory. So reset iPhone 3g factory settings is a wise decision for you if you decided to hand over your ownership. Factory reset also known as master reset.

 Why factory reset iPhone 3g:

 Factor reset on iPhone 3g will solve your hang slow or freeze problem. It will look like the phone now came from the factory, so it is clear that you will lose all your stored data from iPhone 3g after successful execution a hard reset on iPhone 3g. Many users are not well friendly with the iPhone iOS because iPhone user are increasing day by day. A new user may unfortunately delete some OS file or change settings. There are many ways to attract virus your iPhone 3g, insecure net or data transfer may occur unexpected situation for iPhone 3g and a hard reset iPhone 3g will solve all OS related problem.

How to iPhone 3g factory reset:

There are many ways to factory or master reset iPhone 3g.


* Press and hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously.

* Hold both buttons until  the screen goes blank and the red power off slider appears. Wait until the Apple logo like above image appears.
 When you can release both button and you will see the iPhone is rebooting.

**An iPhone reset will not normally remove or delete any data or settings. However, the term reset is also sometimes used to mean deleting all content from the iPhone and/or restoring from a backup.

Hard reset iPhone 3g:

Make sure you are connected to the internet and you are using iTune latest version .
Connect your iPhone 4 to PC and  start iTune.

Now click on your iPhone under device of the left column.

Then click on 'Restore iPhone'  in the summary tab.

Click on 'Restore'


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