How to reset HTC Apache

How to reset HTC Apache?

How to factory reset HTC Apache?

How to master reset HTC Apache?

How to factory setting HTC Apache?

How to soft reset HTC Apache?

How to total reset HTC Apache?

How to hard reset HTC Apache?

How to basic reset HTC Apache?

How to restore HTC Apache?

Reset is needed when you want to change the ownership of your HTC Apache or you want remove all user data like a fresh cell phone. But some time there will be such situation that you are bound to reset HTC Apache. If your HTC Apache shows some unexpected error or it became very slow or you can not remove any application by manually or you phone attacked by a virus. Reset HTC Apache to clear all data and restore all original settings; please don't forget to back up your contacts and any important data in the cell phone memory to any safe stories media.

HTC Apache Soft Resetting:

There is a soft reset button on the HTC Apache pocket pc. press the button lightly to soft reset HTC Apache.

HTC Apache Hard Resetting:

    While press both soft keys (buttons with “-“ on them), push in on the reset button once.
    Remove the stylus whilst still holding the soft keys. A confirmation message should appear asking you if you want to reset all data. Press Y to reset or N to cancel the process.


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